Found vs Noom: Which Weight Loss Approach Works Better?

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: April 18, 2022

In the diet industry, the number of fad diets/ trends that have come and gone over the few years has been insane. The unfortunate thing about most of these diets is that they delivered weight loss support that was not legitimate, sustainable, or safe.

It’s disappointing, to say the least!

The good news is that things have started to change in the diet and nutrition industry. You can now find more science-backed and evidence-based weight loss programs. Such plans are genuinely created to help you lose weight and become healthy, as well as to ensure that you’re able to sustain your new lifestyle/ habits for the long term.

Well, that doesn’t sound as great as a promise such as (“lose 30 lbs. in 30 days!). That said, unless you’d like to go on spinning your wheels, you’ll need to change your mindset and your perspective. Otherwise, you’ll lose and gain the same weight over and over.

Today, you’ll be looking at the comparison between Noom and Found.

These two weight loss companies are dedicating themselves to creating a new culture surrounding losing weight sustainably and safely. Both of these brands use science-based methods and sound medical advice to undertake their programs. However, they’re very different from each another.

So which weight loss program will be the best choice for you and your health goals?

Stay tuned as we review Found vs Noom and help you to pick the path that aligns with your present situation and where you’d like to go.


Below is a breakdown of each company’s key features. So, what do they offer that would make you want to join?

Let’s find out.

Found’s Key Features

two screenshots from the Found weight loss app

Found is a prescription weight loss plan that utilizes modern science and your biology to support your particular health journey. Found’s program consists of three key pillars: FDA-approved prescription medication, personal health coaching, and a private supportive community.

The following are some of the key highlights of Found that you need to know:

  • Assessment by a board-certified medical provider

Once you sign up for Found, you will soon be assigned to a board-certified medical provider who’ll help you find the right medication to match the requirements of your unique biology. And this is a crucial thing!

  • Prescription medication match

The medical provider will then match you with the right weight loss RX for your biology. For instance, some medications work on your brain’s reward center to help you suppress cravings. Others may help you to stabilize your blood sugar, reduce your appetite, and enable you to feel full with less food.

  • Personalized health coaching

Now that you’re a Found member, you’ll be designated a personalized health coach to motivate and support you throughout your entire journey, customizing your program to your specific preferences. With your coach, you should expect to learn healthy, sustainable habits when it comes to nutrition, movement, mental health, and sleep that fit your lifestyle.

Noom’s Key Features

three screenshots from the Noom app

Noom is a unique weight loss program that generally harnesses psychology and science to help users lose extra pounds and hopefully keep them off for good. By assisting you to have an improved understanding of your relationship with food, this program brings a deeper awareness of your habits. It then provides you with the knowledge and support that you require to make lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

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Another distinguishing feature about Noom is that the whole program is app-based. A user spends as little or as much time on their app daily, reaching for their specific goals on their schedule.

Here are the key features of the Noom program that you’ll want to know about:

  • Daily lessons that fit your schedule

As a Noom user, you’ll receive daily customized lessons within their app to help you gain confidence and ultimately equip you with practical knowledge that you can leverage right away. Noom users generally have full control of the app, as well as the time they spend on it. That means they can adjust their lesson based on their schedule.

  • Accountability, motivation & encouragement

We’re all inspired in different ways. That’s why Noom provides different support channels so that you may choose the type that’s most encouraging for you. You can also get one-on-one coaching, SOS plans, and support groups. You’ll be able to select the level of support you want for your goals.

  • Achieve your goals at your pace

While Noom’s app tracks meals, exercise, and more, it’s specifically created to empower you to hit your weight loss goals at a sustainable speed that feels okay for you. That means you won’t be pushed to do something in a specific time frame, since you’re in full control of your general health and wellness.

  • You pick what you eat

One of the distinguishing factors about Noom is that it doesn’t focus on labeling foods either good or bad. They aim at empowering you to make informed choices about nutrition based on the wisdom and knowledge they provide you with.

  • Psychological lessons

Noom users usually receive easy-to-digest lessons every day that are backed by modern science on behavior and psychology. These lessons are usually brief, easy to follow, and exciting so that you can start developing tools in your particular weight management toolkit.

  • Progress mindset

App users will be logging their foods, tracking their steps, and focusing on their daily water intake. Such tracking tools are available to help them be in control of their weight loss process. Weight loss will naturally have its ups and downs. That’s why Noom pays more attention to progress in your journey, and not perfection!


a woman goes for a jog with her fitness coach

In this section, we’ll compare the coaching each program offers. How does it work?

Found’s Coaching

One of the best things about joining Found is that you are assigned a personal health coach, apart from a dedicated medical provider. And this is the kind of holistic plan of action that’s usually missing when people are looking to hire “health coaches.” It must be meaningful to know that your plan is being reviewed from multiple angles by professionals with different specialties.

Apart from offering helpful info, your health coach is always ready to provide accountability and motivation. It is safe to say that a plan such as Found can’t work without having an incorporated accountability system. It’s far too easy for folks using medications to backslide into their old habits since they feel like they’re “covered” by the medication.

Unfortunately, this always causes failure. It’s worth noting that Found acknowledges how crucial accountability is for creating a comprehensive wellness plan that’s primarily focused on success.

Noom’s Coaching

Noom provides its users with a virtual support team that holds them accountable and helps them with goal setting. You can only communicate with your Noom health coach via a messenger system on their Noom app.

Research has proven that getting routine health coaching — whether it is in person or virtually — is highly effective for your weight loss journey and other health-related goals such as stress management. What’s more fascinating is that two studies in prediabetes patients illustrated that higher engagement with health coaches and educational articles/ materials in the Noom app was largely associated with weight loss


Another big difference between Noom and Found is that Found uses prescription medication as part of their weight loss program – this is alongside working with their doctors. However, this is all done online or via their app. There are numerous reasons why this approach may be worth considering for certain people.

To understand how this works, you must take a closer look at the primary ingredients in the medications provided by Found for members who have qualified for the Rx Path. These aren’t magic pills, but they do consist of ingredients that are proven to support fat burning, metabolism, and overall behavioral changes.

Here’s a quick overview of how these active ingredients interact with the body.


Orlistat is a weight loss medication that’s available exclusively for those on doctor-approved plans for losing extra pounds. In general, it is only offered to folks who meet the criteria for either being overweight or obese.

It’s also viewed as a fundamental tool for patients with weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Orlistat not only helps people to lose weight but it has also been proven to help people keep off the extra weight. You might be wondering how Orlistat does this?

Orlistat primarily inhibits the enzyme that metabolizes the fats that you eat. Because of this, undigested fat can pass through the system with your frequent bowel movements without having to be absorbed.

And although Orlistat is highly effective when it comes to blocking fat, it doesn’t block your system from absorbing calories from fat and sugar-free foods. And that’s exactly why dietary habits are essential even when you have this medication doing some of the work for you.

The real reason why it’s highly advised to take Orlistat under your doctor’s supervision is that you’ll have to manage the fats you eat carefully. Typically, anyone on Orlistat should be trying to avoid foods that consist of more than 30% fat.

You’ll also have to ensure that you’re on the proper blend of vitamins before taking this medication because its ability to inhibit fat-soluble vitamins will need the right supplementation with things such as vitamin A, vitamin E, beta carotene, and vitamin D.

Qsymia (Phentermine & Topiramate)

Qsymia consists of phentermine and topiramate for a prolonged release that assists with appetite and general behavior. For starters, phentermine is a commonly used appetite suppressant that functions in a similar way to an amphetamine. On the other hand, topiramate is a common anticonvulsant medication that’s used to treat seizures.

When combined with diet and exercise, Qsymia can be used to treat obesity. Typically, it is an ideal option for those with obesity-related medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

It is not an easy decision to commit to taking this medication. Although Qsymia has been proven to help numerous people to improve their habits and break free from overeating, it’s worth noting that there’s a potential risk for addiction with this medication in certain people.


Contrave is a weight loss medication that combines two different meds to help suppress cravings and manage behaviors. It’s regarded as an anorexiant that helps overweight or obese adults to manage weight problems.

Contrave can be an effective behavior-modification medication when it comes to eating portions and frequency, but it’s specifically designed to be applied with exercise.

So, what’s in this medication?

The first ingredient is something known as bupropion that’s an antidepressant touted to reduce appetite. And the second ingredient is known as naltrexone. It’s used to assist people with addiction issues to fight cravings for alcohol or opioids. Naltrexone can also help to curb food cravings.


This section covers the price comparison for these two programs.

Found’s Pricing Options

The Found program is advertised as being both affordable and open to everyone. The cost starts at $24.75 per week, based on the website. If you’d like to try their Wellness Path Plan without the medicine, you’ll pay $49 monthly.

The RX Path’s starting price is $99 a month. However, based on the type of drug administered, this charge might be more. To have an accurate price for your plan, you’ll have to check out the first medical assessment to determine what you’ll be offered.

If you’ve prescribed the RX Path, opting for a six-month RX plan instead of paying month to month may save you up to 50% on your subscription. A member will commit for a long period depending on their savings.

You can purchase the Found software on the company’s website and can’t get it from any other source.

It’s safe to say the Wellness Path is considerably priced for what you get– a personal coach, tools, a Facebook network, and texts. On the other hand, other applications offer greater value for a comparable or cheaper cost.

The RX Path’s cost varies. However, in case your prescriptions are considered medically vital, your health insurance might incur at least a portion of that cost.

Noom’s Pricing Options

Noom offers different subscription plans, including:

  • Monthly auto-recurring plan: $59
  • 2-month auto-recurring plan: $150
  • 3-month auto-recurring plan: $180
  • 4-month auto-recurring plan: $240
  • 5-month auto-recurring plan: $300
  • 6-month auto-recurring plan: $360
  • 7-month auto-recurring plan: $420
  • 8-month auto-recurring plan: $480
  • Annual auto-recurring plan: $199

For those who are confident that they’ll use Noom for a long period, the company’s annual membership offers the best value at only $199 yearly. You should also note that the company regularly offers discounts all year round.

What’s more, if you’re hired by a company that provides a workplace health & wellness program, talk to your company’s HR department. You might get a financial incentive to be a member of wellness programs such as Noom.

Still, beginning at $59 monthly for a recurring plan, Noom might cost more than you are able or willing to spend.

SUMMARY: Which Weight Loss Program Should You Choose?

At this point, you must already have a clearer understanding of the similarities and differences in Noom vs Found. You know a bit more about both programs and what they can offer you.

Both Noom and Found are making great strides when it comes to the weight care space. They make sustainable weight loss safer, more effective, and easier than ever.

But since they have some key differences, you’ll likely have to choose one over the other.

As aforementioned, one major distinguishing factor between the two is that Found provides prescription medications and Noom doesn’t. Noom is also app-based and depends on your comfort level of progression- it’s all done at your speed. Found comprises a loosely structured plan that’s uniquely created to get you to reach specific points by specific dates.

You Should Consider Found If You Want

  • A victory tracker!
  • A personal health coach! You can either email, text, or call your coach directly!
  • A personalized movement path for personalized exercise.
  • Access to the exclusive community offered by the company. Remember, having support is one of the fundamental elements to forming lasting and great health habits!
  • A tailored nutrition path that helps you to identify exactly what you ought to be eating.

You Should Consider Noom If You Want

  • A Healthier Way of Living. In case you choose to follow the Noom weight loss diet process, you’re guaranteed to start developing some healthy eating habits/ behavior without even truly noticing it. With this small change, you can have a much easier time developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Medication included
  • Psychological weight management included
  • Something more than simply a dieting app. Noom has some educational features that primarily focus on creating a healthy lifestyle.
  • A virtual coach to keep you on track.

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