Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: December 27, 2023

best alternative to south beach diet

South Beach Diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs in the world for a pretty simple reason – it works! Even with all of the weight loss they’re responsible for, it’s not always the top choice for everyone.

If you happen to fall into that category, or just want something different or cheaper, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Below, we’ll detail our favorite alternatives to South Beach Diet, so you can find an option that will meet your dietary needs, personal taste preferences, and budget.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at some of the biggest competitors for the year.

Here are some great alternatives to the South Beach Diet:

Top Choice


  • Weight Loss Meals Delivered Right to Your Door
  • Easy to Follow Program
  • 170+ Menu Items
  • Most Affordable Diet Delivery Program


  • Proven Weight Loss Based on Your Biology 
  • 1:1 Video Coaching
  • Doctor-Prescribed Weight Loss Meds
  • Guaranteed Results


  • One-on-One Guidance from Team of Experts
  • Find Right Medication to Help Reach Your Goals
  • Full Service Health Coaching
  • Form Lifelong Healthy Habits


  • Nutrition Just for Your Body
  • 100% Customized Meal Plans
  • Full Service Weight Loss Coaching 
  • Comprehensive App for All Your Weight Loss Needs


  • Track Food and Exercise with PersonalPoints
  • Top-Rated App
  • Awesome Support Community
  • One-on-One Coaching and Meetings


  • Custom-Fit Intermittent Fasting Program 
  • Full Guidance to Reach Your Goals
  • Great for Beginners and Pros
  • Awesome App for Tracking Everything

1. Nutrisystem: Cheapest South Beach Diet Alternative

Cost: Check Current Nutrisystem Price

michelle's nutrisystem success story

Nutrisystem (get the full details here) has been an absolute powerhouse in the diet delivery world for so many years now, we’ve lost count of how long they’ve been at the top. They’re the best selling diet delivery program in the world for a reason – their program makes weight loss easy.

On top of the amazing weight loss results they help customers get, they’re also the most affordable of all the meal delivery programs we’ve tried.

That means, if you’re looking for a program that absolutely works for weight loss, but also has plans that most folks can afford, then you may want to consider Nutrisystem above all others.

How it Works

  • Eat 6 Small Meals per Day
  • Eat Every 2 to 3 Hours
  • 160+ Menu Items to Pick From
  • Weekly Flex Meals – Make Your Own or Dine Out
  • Choose from Several Plan Options
  • Just Follow the Program and Start Losing Weight
  • Right Mix of Nutrients, Protein, and Fiber to Fuel Your Weight Loss
  • Very Little Meal Prep or Grocery Shopping
  • No Counting Calories
  • No Counting Points
  • No Weigh Ins or Meetings, Just Weight Loss

What Makes it Different Than South Beach Diet?

multiple success stories

Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet work in much the same way – you’ll be eating 6 small meals/snacks per day on both plans, you’ll be enjoying flex meals, and you should see steady and healthy weight loss (you can see a full comparison of the diets here).

The biggest differences between the programs are:

  • Price: Nutrisystem is Cheaper
  • Specialty Plans: Nutrisystem has Specialty Plans for Diabetics and Vegetarians
  • Menu: Nutrisystem is More American-Style Cuisine vs South Beach’s International Menu
  • Food Choices: Nutrisystem Has the Largest Menu in the Industry, with 160+ Foods to Pick From

The Cheaper Alternative?


Nutrisystem is definitely the cheaper alternative to South Beach Diet.

While both programs are pretty affordable, Nutrisystem’s Basic plan is the most affordable diet delivery plan we’ve tried – coming it at around $8.75 per day if you opt for auto-delivery.

Remember, though, when you sign up for this option, there is a fee should you decide to cancel before your second order ships.

That means, if you’re looking for a diet plan that is very similar to South Beach Diet, but is more affordable, Nutrisystem is the plan you’ve been looking for…

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2. Jenny Craig – One-on-One Coaching

a happy jenny craig customer

Jenny Craig is a diet delivery, with a twist – you also get one-on-one coaching from a Jenny Craig consultant. That definitely takes things up a notch, but it also makes this program a bit more expensive than some of the other diets on our competitor list.

It may be worth it to you, though, if you know you could benefit from working with a coach who is dedicated to making sure you reach your weight loss goals, and finally keep it off for good.

How it Works

  • Eat 6 Times a Day
  • 100+ Menu Items to Pick From
  • Work with a Dedicated Personal Consultant to Build Your Plan and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Lose 3x More Weight Than Doing it on Your Own
  • Balanced Menu for Steady Weight Loss
  • Mix in Fresh Fruits and Veggies

What Makes it Different?

The biggest differences between Jenny Craig and South Beach Diet?

It’s pretty simple, really:

  • Weight Loss Coach: Jenny Craig gives access to one-on-one coaching
  • Price: Jenny Craig is more expensive at about $20 per day
  • Menu: Different menu styles, but both have high-quality food

Who Should Pick Jenny Craig?

some of their more popular meals

If you want the easiness of meal delivery, but could also use a weight loss coach, then Jenny Craig may be your best best. It may be a bit more expensive than South Beach Diet, so you’ll just want to make sure it fits your budget.

But, the additional price may be worth it, if you know that you’d benefit from a weight from a weight loss coach.

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Think Jenny Craig’s meal delivery and weight loss coaching program sounds like the perfect fit for you?

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3. Noom – Top-Rated Diet App

Looking for something totally different than South Beach Diet?

noom is a top competitor

Noom is a diet and weight loss app, that is one of the most popular diets on the planet right now. The program centers on their world-class app, and doesn’t involve any diet food – you’ll be making your own meals and snacks, as well as making smart choices when dining out.

But, don’t worry – Noom shows you exactly how to make these healthy meals, and smart choices, so they’ll be teaching you how to eat right, lose weight, and keep the weight off.

How it Works

  • Download the Noom App
  • Learn How to Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes
  • Learn How to Make Positive Changes to Your Diet & Exercise Habits
  • Learn How to Change Your Diet for a Lifetime
  • Get a Personalized Plan Just for You
  • Follow the Program, Lose Weight, Keep it Off

What Makes it Different?

  • Noom isn’t a meal delivery diet
  • Price: Noom costs just $59 per Month, Plus Cost of Your Food

Who Should Pick Noom?

how their diet app works

If you’re looking for an alternative to meal delivery – meaning you want to make your own meals and snacks, but need to know what to make to lose weight, then Noom may be the best program for you.

With Noom, you simply download their app, complete your diet profile, and you’ll be on your way to losing weight.

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Noom sound like the perfect diet app for you?

Right now you can try it for free for 14 days, which gives you a chance to decide if it’s the right weight loss option for you.

The Best Alternative is?

and the winner is

Above we’ve outlined some very solid South Beach Diet alternatives, and we’re confident that you should be able to find a program that fits your weight loss needs and budget with one of the programs on our list.

Each one brings something different to the to table when compared to South Beach Diet, and all are very solid choices in their own right.

If we had to name just one as our first choice over South Beach Diet, then we’d have to go with Nutrisystem.

That because, their meal delivery diet…

  • Is Cheaper
  • Has a Larger Menu
  • Has Been Around Longer
  • Is the Best There is

If you want to put Nutrisystem to the test, then right now is the perfect time to do it: