Noom Negative Reviews: Top 13 Complaints of 2024

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: December 27, 2023

Noom is a popular weight-loss application that embraces a comprehensive approach to achieving sustainable lifestyle changes. It’s a service that differentiates itself from traditional diet programs by focusing on psychology and habits, offering personalized plans and coaching support.

Yet, as with any service of its scale, Noom has garnered its share of criticisms, leaving potential users to navigate through mixed reviews. With its growth in popularity, it’s become increasingly important to evaluate these criticisms for their legitimacy and impact on the user experience. Let’s delve into some of the most commonly cited complaints about Noom.

Key Highlights

  • Ineffective weight loss: Some users claim that the app didn’t help them lose weight as expected.
  • Difficulty in canceling subscription: The process of canceling Noom’s service can be burdensome for some.
  • Inconsistent coaching quality: Users have expressed mixed opinions about the quality of coaching provided.
  • Costliness: A common complaint is that Noom’s services may be more expensive compared to similar apps.
  • Limited dietary options: Noom’s meal plans are sometimes seen as restrictive, especially for users with special dietary needs.

Top 13 Complaints About Noom

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  1. Ineffective Weight Loss: This is arguably the most critical issue raised by some users, who claim that despite their dedication to the program, they did not see the weight loss results they were expecting.While Noom adopts a comprehensive, psychological approach to weight loss that aims to change long-term habits and promote a healthier lifestyle, some users have claimed this approach hasn’t been effective for them in terms of weight loss. It’s worth noting that weight loss progress can differ significantly based on individual factors like age, gender, activity level, and metabolism. However, these complaints underscore the importance of setting realistic expectations and understanding that not all weight loss strategies work for everyone.
  2. Difficulty in Canceling Subscription: Some users report experiencing challenges when attempting to cancel their Noom subscription.Users have highlighted the perceived complexity and inconvenience of the cancellation process. Rather than a simple, straightforward option within the app or on the website, users have to contact customer service directly to cancel their subscription. In some instances, users have reported receiving continued charges even after attempting to cancel their subscription.
  3. Cost: Some users feel that the cost of Noom’s subscription does not match the benefits they receive.Noom operates on a subscription model, and the cost can be higher compared to other weight loss apps in the market. While some users find the features such as personalized coaching and psychological approach justify the price, others have felt otherwise, stating they did not receive value commensurate to the cost.
  4. Generic Advice: Despite the app’s promise of a personalized weight loss journey, some users have reported receiving advice that feels generic and not tailored to their unique needs.The generic advice complaint often revolves around the coaching aspect of Noom. Some users have felt that the feedback they receive from their assigned coach appears automated and not personalized, detracting from the promised individualized support.
  5. Limited Dietary Options: Noom’s approach to food classification has left some users feeling that their dietary choices are too restrictive.Noom categorizes foods into three colors—green, yellow, and red—based on their caloric density. Although this system is meant to promote healthier eating habits, some users with special dietary needs or preferences, such as vegetarians, vegans, or people with allergies, have found the selection limited and the app not adequately adaptable to their needs.
  6. Inconsistent Coaching Quality: While some users rave about the impact of their Noom coaches, others have had less favorable experiences, suggesting that the coaching quality can be inconsistent.Coaching is a key feature of Noom’s program, but the perceived value of this feature appears to depend on the individual coach assigned. Some users report lackluster interaction, delayed responses, or feedback that seems formulaic and impersonal. This inconsistent coaching quality has been a point of dissatisfaction among some users.
  7. App Glitches: Some users have reported experiencing technical issues with the Noom app.From occasional crashing to issues with logging meals and exercise, app glitches can significantly hinder the user experience and interfere with the consistency needed for a successful weight loss journey. Although such technical issues are not unique to Noom, they have been a source of frustration for some users.
  8. Frequent Notifications: For some, the number of notifications sent by Noom can be overwhelming.To promote regular engagement and accountability, Noom sends daily reminders and prompts to users. However, some users have found the frequency and number of these notifications more annoying than helpful, turning what’s meant to be a motivational tool into a source of stress.
  9. Data Security Concerns: Some users have expressed concerns about how their personal information is stored and used.Noom collects and stores personal information to provide its services. However, some users have raised concerns about the potential misuse or mishandling of this data, particularly in light of increasing awareness about data privacy issues.
  10. Unsatisfactory Customer Service: Some users have reported less than satisfactory experiences with Noom’s customer service.In several instances, users have expressed frustration with the response time and resolution provided by Noom’s customer service, particularly concerning subscription cancellation. Some users reported that their inquiries or complaints were not resolved promptly or satisfactorily.
  11. Calorie Tracking Inaccuracy: Some users have questioned the accuracy of Noom’s calorie counting feature.The calorie tracking feature is a fundamental part of Noom’s weight loss strategy. Some users, however, have pointed out discrepancies in calorie counts for certain foods, raising questions about the feature’s overall accuracy.
  12. One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Despite its claim of personalization, some users have felt that Noom doesn’t adequately cater to their specific health conditions or personal circumstances.Some users have felt that Noom’s approach doesn’t sufficiently consider personal factors such as specific health conditions, physical limitations, or individual dietary needs. This suggests a gap between the promise of a tailored weight loss program and the user’s actual experience.
  13. Time Consuming: Given its holistic approach, some users find Noom requires a significant time investment.With daily tasks, articles to read, and the need to regularly log meals and exercise, some users have found Noom’s program too demanding. For individuals with already busy schedules, this time commitment can be a barrier to fully engaging with the program.

Things to Keep in Mind When Reading Online Complaints

While reviews can provide valuable insight, it’s crucial to bear in mind that personal experiences can greatly differ. Factors such as individual lifestyle, dedication to the program, and personal health conditions can significantly influence one’s experience with Noom.

It’s also important to remember that dissatisfied customers are often more vocal than satisfied ones, which can skew the overall perception of a product or service. This is not to dismiss these complaints but rather to put them in perspective.

Noom’s Overall Positive Ratings

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Despite the aforementioned complaints, Noom has received an abundance of positive feedback and maintains overall high ratings across various review platforms. Many users report achieving their weight loss goals and developing healthier habits through the Noom program.

Weight Loss Success

A significant portion of Noom users report successful weight loss while using the app. Some attribute this to the program’s focus on changing eating habits and behavior around food, rather than promoting a restrictive diet. Noom’s emphasis on long-term, sustainable weight loss rather than quick, potentially unsustainable results is a unique approach that resonates with many users.

Habit Change and Psychological Approach

Noom’s core principle of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been received positively by many users. By teaching users how to identify and overcome their unhealthy habits, Noom takes weight loss beyond the realm of diet and exercise. This psychological approach is seen by many users as a game-changer that helps them understand their relationship with food and make lasting changes.

Personal Coaching

Though the quality of coaching has been a point of contention for some users, many others praise the one-on-one coaching feature, and its affordable cost. These users appreciate the personalized attention and accountability their coaches provide, citing it as a motivating factor in their weight loss journey.

Food Classification System

While some users find the color-coded system limiting, many others appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness. Instead of counting calories or eliminating certain foods, Noom categorizes foods based on their caloric density, promoting balanced eating. Users have found this approach easy to understand and apply in their daily lives, making it easier to make healthier food choices.

User-Friendly App

Despite occasional reports of app glitches, many users find the Noom app to be user-friendly and intuitive. Its clean, uncluttered design makes navigating the various features a breeze, enhancing user experience.

Overall, the positive reviews suggest that many users find Noom to be an effective tool in their weight loss journey. Its approach to habit change and the resources it provides for education and support appear to resonate with a significant number of users. However, it’s crucial to remember that experiences are subjective, and what works for one person might not work for another.

Tips for Deciding if Noom is Right for You

  1. Determine Your Needs: Understand what you’re looking for in a weight loss app. If you want a comprehensive approach that includes psychological elements, Noom might be a good fit.
  2. Try the Free Trial: Use the free trial to get a feel for the app. This will give you a sense of whether the app’s features align with your expectations.
  3. Consider Your Budget: Ensure that the cost of Noom fits comfortably within your budget. If not, there are other apps and resources available that can aid in weight loss without the same financial commitment.
  4. Think About Your Time Availability: Keep in mind that Noom requires regular engagement for optimal results. If you cannot commit time each day, Noom may not be for you.

Final Thoughts

Every weight loss journey is personal and unique, and what works for one person might not work for another. It’s important to consider both the positive and negative reviews before making a decision about Noom or any other weight-loss program. With mindful consideration, you can find a program that aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and weight loss goals, helping you embark on a successful path towards better health.