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nutrisystem vs south beach diet

Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet have long been considered to be titans in the diet industry.

The reason?

It’s pretty simple, really…They’ve both been proven time and time again to help people reach their weight loss goals. They’ve literally been put to the test millions of times now, and the results for both diets are pretty clear at this point: They both can work for those who are willing to make a commitment to the program.

Even with the amazing success of both diets, they each offer something slightly different, so while Nutrisystem could be the perfect choice for you, South Beach Diet may be the better option for the next.

To help you decide if Nutrisystem or South Beach Diet is the right choice for you, we’ve put together this comparison guide to both diets, highlighting important parts of each.

This should give you a better understanding about the pros and cons of each plan, and will help you make a smart decision when picking between the plans.

So, keep reading to get the full details about Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet!

What Makes Nutrisystem & South Beach Diet Different?

a woman thinking about the differences between south beach diet and nutrisystem

Both Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet are meal delivery diet programs [1].

That means they send a 28-day supply of meals and snacks to your door every month, until you’ve reached your weight loss goals and you’re ready to transition into preparing more of your own healthy meals and snacks.

Key Similarities

Both diets work in a very similar way:

  • You Eat 6 Small Meals per Day on Both Programs
  • Both Offer Access to Diet Customer Support
  • Both Have Awesome Apps to Help with Goal Tracking, Meal Prep, and More
  • Both Have Flex Meals
  • Both Are Easy to Follow
  • Both Have Bars and Shakes That Work Great After You Finish the Program

Key Differences

Here are the Biggest Differences Between the Two:

  • Price: Nutrisystem is the More Affordable of the Two
  • Menu: Nutrisystem Has More American Classics, South Beach Diet Has More Mediterranean and Asian Style Cuisines
  • Results: Nutrisystem can help you lose up to 18 pounds in month 1. SBD promises up to 7 pounds in 7 days.

If I had to pick between the two, Nutrisystem would be my top choice, but both are solid options so let’s take a deep dive into both, to help you decide which one is your top pick:

1. Nutrisystem

Price: Check Current Nutrisystem Price

Michelles nutrisystem success story

We’re big fans of Nutrisystem, and that’s because it’s helped us lose weight – a lot of weight for some of us ;-).

It’s easily our favorite meal delivery diet, so if you’re looking for the absolute best, it’s always our first recommendation. That said, please keep in mind that results are going to vary for everyone.

While Nutrisytem may work great for a lot of people, it may not be the best diet for you….Read more about it below to see if it’s a good fit.

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How it Works

  • The Most Affordable Diet Delivery Program
  • The Biggest Menu: More Than 160 Meals & Snacks to Pick From
  • Diabetic and Vegetarian Menu
  • Awesome Customer Support
  • Awesome Discounts with Auto-Delivery Program
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • So Easy to Follow the Program
  • Quick Weight Loss: Up to 15-18 Pounds in First Month

Their latest menu options

Nutrisystem has several menu options to pick from [2], which makes them a great choice for almost any budget. They’re the cheapest diet delivery program out there, so if money is tight, they should definitely be at the top of the list.

Even though they’re cheap, though, doesn’t mean they sacrifice on quality or weight loss results. This dedication to high-quality diet foods and amazing weight loss results, makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best diet delivery program anywhere.


  • Basic
  • Core
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Uniquely Yours Plus
  • Nutrisystem D for Diabetics
  • Vegetarian

Plans start at around $8.75 per day, and remember that includes most of your meals and snacks for the whole day – you’ll be adding some fresh produce to your meals, but for the most part you can expect to pay as little as $10 per day for all of your food.

Is Nutrisystem the Best Option for You?

If you’re looking for the most affordable diet delivery option, then you may want to put Nutrisystem at the top of your list. 

It’s a very complete program, has one of the biggest delivery menus we’ve seen, and has been used by millions of customers over the years.

You can learn more and get all of the plans and pricing details at their website.

Think you’re ready for your “Personal Plans”?

2. South Beach Diet

Price: Check Current South Beach Diet Price

A couple's south beach diet success story

It’s probably pretty obvious that we’re huge fans of Nutrisystem, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like South Beach Diet (check out our South Beach Diet review here)! It’s an awesome program too, and makes a great choice for lots of people.

They bring many of the same features that Nutrisystem does – steady and safe weight loss, a pretty solid menu, and all the convenience of meal delivery.

Here are just a few of the South Beach Diet features you’ll want to consider before signing up:

Diet Features

  • Lose Up to 7 LBS in 7 Days
  • Keto-Friendly Menu Options
  • Flexible Plans
  • Low-Carb Menu
  • Weekly Do-it-Yourself Meals
  • Different Menu Style Compared to Nutrisystem

Should You Sign up for South Beach Diet Over Nutrisystem?

If you’re less worried about budget, and more concerned with the types of food you’ll be eating, then South Beach Diet may have an option for you.

Deciding between the two diets, is going to come down to this, in our opinion: Your personal taste preferences, and how much money you have to spend.

Another factor? Vegetarians will want to consider Nutrisystem, as South Beach Diet doesn’t currently offer a meatless menu [3].

South Beach Diet also has some very affordable plans, but Nutrisystem’s Basic Plan is the lowest price we’ve seen. That said, you can still get started with South Beach Diet for just over $9 per day, so their entry-level plan is pretty darn affordable too!

south beach diet menu items

When it comes to their menus, Nutrisystem is more of an American-style cuisine than South Beach Diet.

With Nutrisystem, think things like:

  • Burgers
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Homestyle Beef & Veggies

Of course, Nutrisystem also has things like Chicken Marsala and Artichoke & Stuffed Chicken Breast, so there’s plenty of variety there.

South Beach Diet, on the other hand has a bit more Mediterranean and Asian-inspired fare:

  • Chicken Broccoli & Rice
  • Chicken Fajita Bowl
  • Pork Dijonaise
  • Sesame-Glazed Beef & Veggie Bowl
  • Lemongrass Chicken

South Beach Diet also has things like pizza for dinner as well, but on the whole their menu has a bit more of an “international” flare to it when compared to Nutrisystem’s.

Think You’re Ready to South Beach?

If you think the South Beach Diet menu sounds like more your thing, then you’ll want to head to their website to get started.

From there, pick the best plan for you, take a look at their full menu, and you’ll be one step closer to hitting those weight loss goals!

Check latest South Beach Diet prices here

Comparison Summary: The Winner is?

and the winner is

So now that we’ve had a chance to look at both South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem, which one is better?

They both bring their own set of pros and cons, so ultimately it will be up to you to decide which of these diet programs is going to work best for you.

Our Top Pick?


For me, Nutrisystem has been my top pick.

Nutrisystem get’s the edge, and that’s because of their buyer-friendly pricing, their huge menu, and their long track-record of helping people lose weight.

South Beach Diet is great too, but since we have to pick an actual “winner” for the purposes of this comparison article, we’ll take Nutrisystem…


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