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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Underlying physical conditions, detrimental sedentary lifestyles, overeating, consuming the wrong foods, and age are the most common reasons for being obese. Many mobile phone applications do a brisk business in assisting folks cut down excess pounds or maintain their current weight. Apps may be significantly helpful in controlling eating habits to aid men and women lose weight.

However, you want to be able to choose the right iPhone/ Android app for maximum results — and there are numerous options out there. Weight loss apps usually provide compatibility with different smart scales and fitness trackers, personalized coaching, and even help with discerning food labels and even bar codes.

Some weight loss apps may use tracking tools to monitor weight, exercise habits, and food intake. Others offer information about eating dinner out or grocery shopping. Most applications seek to enhance motivation by featuring level systems, documentation tools, and community support.

So do you want to trim off extra pounds for health reasons? Perhaps it’s simply because you desire to? Below are some of the most preferred weight-loss specialty applications available for smartphones.

Top 7 Diet Apps for Both Google Play and Apple

Almost all weight loss programs claim they could motivate you to become healthy. They can also assist you in better tracking long-term progress when it comes to your weight loss journey.

As a way to assist you to make an informed selection for your next download, this article explores a collection of top-rated seven weight loss apps available.

  1. G-Plans
  2. Noom
  3. myWW
  4. DoFasting
  5. Lose it!
  6. MyFitnessPal
  7. MyNetDiary

1. G-Plans

the g-plans app in four iPhone screenshots

G-Plans is an application you can use to access a nutrition plan that can change and adapt to your body as your requirements change. It is fully customized and flexible as you progress and build up challenges. Your goals are usually taken into account to provide you with the actual results you’re looking for.

G-Plans is like having your personalized nutritionist in your pocket that provides you with information on a range of meal plans depending on your particular metabolic body type.

You begin by taking a short quiz to discover more about the kind of foods that are beneficial for the body.

This app was created by Dr. Philip Goglia, a renowned nutritionist. He’s the leading nutritionist throughout the world, who works with top athletes and celebrities in his clinic in Santa Monica.

Every piece of information and data that you’ll get on the G-Plans app originates from his expertise and knowledge. Each week personalized meal plans are offered to you, and they’ve been uniquely developed by Goglia.

An exact number of macronutrients are incorporated into each meal to offer your body the nourishment that it requires to thrive and keep healthy body weight.

You can acquire also doctor-formulated supplements through G-Plans. Whether it’s heart support or simply probiotics, you can undoubtedly get a much healthier mind and body with the frequent use of G-Plans. Science has been used to create everything in this app, and you can trust its integrity.

The G-Plans app offers you an at-home exercise plan that’s relatively easy to complete and fast. They are uniquely made to target your metabolic type to avoid wasting your time with some activities that won’t obtain you the results that you want.

Your plan may include various things, such as strength training, cardio activity, and much more.

Tracking and management tools are also available as part of this app. You may save your information on your given device, keeping track of everything you’re consuming, your activity, and your general progress.

2. Noom

three screenshots from Noom's apple app

The Noom app applies proven scientific methods to help you reach your weight loss goals via their all-inclusive app. Technology, psychology, and human coaching are some of the information and support you’re offered so you can quickly trim off extra pounds and learn how to maintain that.

Noom has also begun to branch out its program to assist patients with anxiety and mental health complications, heart conditions, and diabetes.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is applied to help you understand the reasons you eat the way you do. Ultimately, you can make much healthier choices when you understand why you’re facing difficulties losing weight or even gaining it.

You get matched with a Noom’s coach who will connect with you to determine how you should continue with your diet plan and workout routine.

The primary objective is to help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Once you complete a free quiz, you will get access to Noom for fourteen days as part of your trial period. And this aims at helping you get to know your particular body type and healthier options that you can make to trim off weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Although you could use parts of the program for free to track your info, the support part of the customized program needs you to sign up for a membership.

The app also consists of the habits and behaviors section that helps you to understand how your choices can affect your health. You can identify whether there are factors that have led to your weight gain, such as a bad breakup or losing a family member.

You’ll have to tell what programs you’ve used before, the results you’ve found, and the level of commitment toward your weight loss plan.

If you track more information with Noom, then more information you’ll get that helps you comprehend why you’re in that position that you’re in. Although it can become tedious, you must enter your meals, the workout that you’ve done, and how you feel.

It’s worth noting that the information you get will change with whatever you’ve tracked.

There’s also a section on this Noom app that offers you reliable and scientific articles about weight loss. You’ll learn a lot by studying more about the reasons you eat the way you do, how your body works, and how your system is metabolizing your food.

Meals and recipes through Noom are usually broken down into yellow, green, and red categories. The healthy foods are green and don’t require to be limited. You should eat yellow foods in moderation because they aren’t the healthiest options, though they’re not bad for you. You should stay away from red foods or try to limit as much as possible.

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3. myWW (Weight Watchers)

three screenshots of the WW app on an android device

Formerly called Weight Watchers, WW, is a company that provides a range of services to help with weight loss and maintenance.

The app implements a SmartPoints system that assists users to maintain their daily calorie allotment to facilitate fat loss. This points system consists of ZeroPoint foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Based on personal goals, each person is designated a certain amount of “points” to target in their diet.

Several studies have illustrated the positive impacts that Weight Watchers could have on weight control. A review of 39 studies discovered that people who took part in WW achieved a minimum of 2.6% greater weight loss in 1 year than people who didn’t participate at all.

You can participate in Weight Watchers by attending their in-person meetings. They hold these meetings at various locations across the United States. WW generally provides a program that’s fully digital via the WW app. The app enables you to log your food intake and weight and lets you monitor your “points.” It also consists of a barcode scanner that makes it much easier to enter foods.

You can also get an activity tracker, social networking, weekly workshops, 24/7 live coaching, and a reward system. Another advantage of the WW app is its extensive collection of 8,000+ WW-approved recipes that you could search depending on dietary requirements and mealtime.

The pricing of this app fluctuates. Usually, basic access to the WW app costs $3.22 weekly whereas the app plus personal digital coaching will cost you $12.69 weekly.

One of the considerable benefits of the WW app is that it provides you with graphs and details to illustrate your progress over time You can also receive 24/7 live coaching and a social network of other WW members to assist keep you motivated.

Counting points can be quite challenging for some people, which is slightly disappointing. It’s also worth noting that to reap the benefits of this app, you need to pay a subscription fee.

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4. DoFasting

DoFasting's fasting mode and look at their 14-day challenge

Although the DoFasting app is usually free to download, you have to purchase a subscription to have access to the features. You can get three subscription autorenewal plans with DoFasting — 3-month, 6-month, and annual.

The more months you’ll pay, the cheaper the app will be. A subscription offers access to all the program’s features, such as:

  • Personalized fasting options
  • A weight, step, water, and calorie tracker
  • A fasting & eating window tracker
  • A library of workouts for each level
  • 5,000+ healthy recipes
  • Challenge mode
  • Some educational articles about intermittent fasting and wellness

Once you get a subscription, the application will prompt you to select the kind of fast you’d like to follow. Fasts are categorized depending on the difficulty level.

For instance, a beginner fast is usually 12:12, whereby you fast for 12 hours and then get a 12-hour eating window. You can also have a more advanced fast of 5:2, whereby you fast for two non-consecutive days and then the other five you eat like usual.

After you pick your fasting type, the program starts tracking your eating window. You’ll find the fasting tracker helpful, particularly if you utilize the app’s reminders.

Additionally, you can customize many parts of the app. These may include your fasting method, dietary restrictions or food preferences, the kind of exercises you want to perform, and whether or not you’d like to track calories, steps, or water. The most extensive and best app features are the healthy recipe and workout libraries.

The prominent feature is undoubtedly the fasting/eating tracker. You need to manually start and end your particular fast and eating window, although that’s easy to remember since you could set a notification. Once you complete each fast, you’ll have to tell how you’re feeling, and fasting may get easier over time.

Depending on the questions you responded to during the sign-up process, the app measures how many calories you need to consume a day to lose weight. In case you want to count calories, you might be better off opting for another app because there is no barcode scanner.

That means if you consume any packaged items, you’ll have to input all nutrition details manually. But you could easily include individual ingredients — such as an apple or an egg— or DoFasting recipes.

It is underwhelming to go through DoFasting’s educational content collection. There are currently around 20 articles, so you might not spend much time with this feature.

As aforementioned, the app’s best features are its workout and recipe libraries. The app has 5,000+ recipes, and you could filter your search by calories, dish type, or preparation time. You may also save your favorite recipes.

The workout library offers a range of options to pick from depending on the type of exercise, skill level, what body part you’d like to focus on, and the time you have. The app will guide you through the whole workout from beginning to end with video tutorials and has a built-in timer. What’s more, you have options to proceed to the next workout, pause, or even skip the rest break.

In general, the DoFasting app is straightforward to use, lets you keep track of plenty of information, and is filled with resources to eat healthily and work out.

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5. Lose it!

Lose it's calorie tracker, macro counter, and fitness sync mode on Google Play

It’s a user-friendly fat loss app that primarily focuses on weight tracking and calorie counting.

Through an analysis of your health goals, weight, and age, Lose It! creates your daily calorie needs and a customized weight loss plan. After your plan is determined, you may log your food intake into this app. It generally pulls from a wide database of 33+ million restaurant items, foods, and brands.

You can also utilize the app’s barcode scanner to incorporate some foods into your log. It usually saves foods that you input regularly, so you could quickly choose them from a list when you eat them. Additionally, you’ll get daily and weekly calorie intake reports.

If you apply the app to monitor your weight, it will showcase your weight changes on a graph.

One special feature that distinguishes Lose It! from numerous other weight-loss applications is that it consists of a Snap It feature. This enables you to track your portion sizes and food intake just by taking pictures of your meals.

Research has proven that taking pictures of your meals might assist you to keep track of your portion sizes more precisely and keep trends in your dietary intake. Ultimately, both of these are beneficial for promoting weight loss.

Another feature of this app is its community component, whereby you can take part in challenges with other users and ask questions in a forum or share information.

You can download this app for free. You can either access premium features for $9.99 or pay the annual sign-up fee of $39.99.

Lose It! consists of a team of professionals that verify the nutrition details of foods in their database. You could also sync this app with other fitness apps and weight loss, such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

Unfortunately, Lose It! never keeps track of the minerals and vitamins that you eat, but they explain why. Its food database also misses some well-known brands that you may expect to find otherwise.

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6. MyFitnessPal

three screenshots of various features of MyfitnessPal

Calorie counting may help many people trim off extra pounds. MyFitnessPal is an app that incorporates calorie counting into its approach to supporting weight loss.

The app calculates your specific daily calorie needs and lets you log whatever you consume throughout the day from its nutrition database of 11+ million different foods. It even includes numerous restaurant foods that are not often easy to track.

Once you input your food intake, the program offers a breakdown of the nutrients and calories that you ate throughout the day. MyFitnessPal can generate several different reports, such as a pie chart that provides you with a summary of your total fat, protein, and carbohydrate intake.

MyFitnessPal also consists of a barcode scanner, which generally makes it easy to input the nutrition information of packaged foods. You can easily track your weight and even search for healthy recipes using MyFitnessPal. What’s more, it consists of a message board whereby you can interact with other users to share success stories and tips.

You can download this app for free. You can either access premium features for $9.99 or pay the annual sign-up fee of $49.99.

One of the primary advantages of MyFitnessPal is its “Quick Add” highlight, which you can utilize when you know the exact number of calories you consumed but do not have the time to input all of your meal’s details.

Another benefit is that it can sync with other fitness tracking apps, such as Jawbone UP, Fitbit, Strava, and Garmin. It will adjust your calorie requirements depending on what you burned through the workout.

The nutrition info of the foods in this database might not be entirely accurate, because they’re mostly entered by other users. Because of the size of the database, you can often find multiple choices for one food item. That means you might need to spend some time to get the “right” option to log in.

It might also be time-consuming to adjust serving sizes in the app.

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7. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary app on an Apple Watch, iPhone and MacBook

MyNetDiary is an easy-to-use calorie counter. It provides a variety of features to help folks cut down weight and remain healthy. Using a customized Daily Calorie Budget, the app assists you to monitor your nutrition, calories, and weight loss.

MyNetDiary consists of a database of 845,000+ verified foods. However, if you include user-added products, you may get information on 1+ million foods. It also provides data on 45+ nutrients. The app offers statistics, charts, and reports to help you visualize your calories, nutrients, and meals.

It provides a barcode scanner to log packaged meals as you consume them. MyNetDiary also provides a Diabetes Tracker app to aid diabetes patients in keeping track of their medications, symptoms, nutrition, blood glucose, and exercise.

You can download this app for free. You may also purchase a subscription for $8.99 monthly or $59.99 yearly.

MyNetDiary can also sync with other fitness apps, such as Apple Watch, Garmin, Google Fit, and Fitbit. The app consists of an in-built GPS tracker for walking and running. But if you want to unlock all the features, you’ll have to purchase a subscription.

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Do Weight Loss Apps Really Work?

Are you struggling to cut down those extra pounds? A weight-loss app can help you! Research proves that dieters who weigh themselves every day are more likely to trim off the excess weight than those who don’t monitor their weight at all.

Fitness/ weight loss apps assist you to track your progress and might have additional features such as games, social support, and exclusive content. Most weight loss apps utilize tracking tools to keep track of your calorie intake and workout habits.

That will make it easier to see where you still need to improve.


There are several factors worth considering when finding a weight loss app that suits you best. For starters, choose a diet that can fit your food preferences and lifestyle, which can help guarantee long-term success.

Choose programs that are also backed by scientific research and have been proven to be highly effective for weight loss. Weight loss apps should also be sustainable and realistic.

Stay away from diets that are extremely restrictive or promise you a quick fix for sudden weight loss. You must also be extra cautious of programs that need you to buy costly products or supplements to obtain results.

Essentially, programs should integrate other healthy lifestyle habits, e.g., mindful eating and regular physical activity. They can enhance long-term weight loss and ultimately support general health.

If you are taking any medications or have other underlying health complications, ensure you consult a trusted healthcare expert before making any diet changes.

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