Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: December 27, 2023

holding an iPhone with the myWW app open and my daily point total displayed

New name, same great program: Meet the new WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers [1].

WW is their most comprehensive program ever, and these days it’s about much more than just weight loss. They’re looking towards the future, with a renewed focus on your overall health.

That means, if you decide to sign up for the new Weight Watchers program, you’ll eating healthy, but also doing things that take care of body and mind.

Now, things like meditation, exercise, and socializing are key aspects of the program.

If you’ve been wondering if the new WW Freestyle program is right for you, we’ve got your answers.

In this myWW (Weight Watchers) Freestyle review we’ll tell you what this new program is, how it works, how much weight you can lose, how much you can expect to pay.

On top of that, we’ll share some inspiring before and after stories, hear from a few people who had some complaints, and show you how to get the best Freestyle deals.

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Great, let’s go!

What is myWW+ (Weight Watchers) with PersonalPoints?

several screenshots from the new myWW app

myWW is the latest program from the folks at Weight Watchers, and it takes your customization options to the next level.

Now, you get a plan that is completely customized around your needs and goals, and along with Freestyle, you can now take your weight loss to another level.

Freestyle is another program from Weight Watchers [2], and it just happens to be their most flexible offering ever. Why is it so flexible?

Well, let’s start with the 200+ ZeroPoint foods, which you never have to track. That means you can eat them freely, as much as you want, and they never count towards your point total. These are foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.

Pretty cool, right?

Beyond that, here’s a brief overview of how Weight Watchers works:

  • WW App is Your Go-To Resource for All Things Freestyle
  • Track Food & Exercise Using PersonalPoints
  • Attend Wellness Workshops (Formerly Called Meetings)
  • Connect with Other Members: Share Videos, Pics, Food Tips, or Just Chat
  • Earn Rewards for Building Healthy Habits: Called WellnessWins
  • Option of One-on-One Coaching

How Does myWW+ Work?

their points counter on the iPhone app

While there certainly have been some big changes with the new WW program, tracking your daily food intake and exercise is still at the core of what makes their diet so effective for weight loss.

Here’s how [3]:

Track Food + Exercise with PersonalPoints on WW App

Tracking your food and exercise habits is easier than ever, thanks to the new WW App. When you join Weight Watchers, you’ll provide them with your current weight, as well as your goal weight.


Based on this info, and some of the other details you provide, you’ll be given a daily limit of PersonalPoints (formerly SmartPoints) that you can use. Every food has a value, which you can easily find using the app, and as you eat, you’ll enter your points totals.

Stay within your daily allotment, and you should be on track to reaching your goal weight.

You’ll also be entering in exercise points as well.

Eat one of the ZeroPoint Freestyle foods? No need to track those!


Connect is a new feature on the app, and it’s your place to connect with the WW community. Here you can chat with fellow members, get tips and feedback, or read about other people’s WW journey.

It’s members-only, so the only way to get in is by joining WW.

Workshop (formerly meetings)

Weight Watchers Workshops are led by a WW expert, and attended by other WW members like you. Every week you attend you can get new weight loss strategies, and support from the group leader and members.

It’s a great option for those of you who’d benefit from the in-person meetings.

Personal Coaching

This is WW’s most comprehensive plan, and pairs you with your own personal Weight Watchers Coach. Together, you’ll create a personalized plan to fit your needs and coals. You also get unlimited 1 on 1 phone calls and messages, for the ultimate support.

How Much Weight Do They Say You Can You Lose?

Most WW customers should expect to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week, as long as they’re following the program. Results are going to vary for everyone, so if you ever feel like you’re not losing enough weight, connect with your coach, share your thoughts at a WW meeting, or reach out to the Community for support, tips, and guidance.

Real Customer Testimonials (Good + the Complaints)

Eric shares his story

There are lots of Weight Watchers reviews out there for you to read, and you can see some pretty incredible before and after stories on their website. We wanted to share just a few testimonials here for you to read, some good, and even a few complaints, to give you an idea of what customers are saying.

We pulled some of these reviews from TrustPilot [4], as they’re a trusted third-party resource where people can share honest feedback.

Let’s start with the positive ones:

The Good

Coco, was proud of her results:

“I’ve lost 60 lb on Weight Watchers and for someone that has struggled to lose weight all their life, for me this is a huge achievement. My WW coach and class is amazingly supportive. The app is very easy to use. I had a few issues with the customer service when I first got set up, but this was a couple of years back now and I haven’t had any issues since. I would honestly recommend it to anyone who is serious about losing weight.”

Gracie learned that healthy eating didn’t have to be bland or boring:

“My progress has entirely changed the way I think about myself: I’m not so self-critical anymore, and have even swapped my usual leggings for jeans. Although I still have a ways to go, I’m free from back pain and feel way better than I felt crash dieting. Sure, I’m always working toward my goals, but choosing healthy habits every day has helped me live in the moment. Now, if someone says to me, “You look amazing,” I don’t respond, “I’m not at my goal yet.” I thank them for the compliment, and I smile. I know my family and friends are proud of me, but I’m even more proud of myself. I’m so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.”

Yvonne found that she had more energy for kids after starting WW:

“Now that I feel as energetic as I did when my daughters were young, I take walks and jump on the trampoline with my now 6-year-old son, who loves using the WW app barcode scanner when we grocery shop together. The program has also brought me closer to my second daughter, who joined WW after her freshman year of college. We share our favorite recipes and milestones, like her most recent non-scale victory: When she wears her favorite T-shirt, she tells me, she feels more confident because her back looks “smoother.”… It helps that I don’t have to cut out major food groups to feel like myself. I’ve found a sense of balance in my lifestyle that I’d long been lacking, and I feel better than I have in years.”

You can learn more and ready many more Weight Watchers Plus reviews at their website:


The biggest issues we’ve seen about Weight Watchers seems to involve their auto-billing and cancellation policies. This is a common complaint we see with a lot of diets, because people often don’t realize they’re enrolling in auto-billing when they sign up.

As long as you know that going in, it shouldn’t be an issue though, and cancellation is usually very easy. That said, here were a few WW complaints that we saw:

“Canceled 2 months ago and they still kept billing me. No record of me canceling but sent me on a regular basis “please come back” emails. I’m done.”

“They won’t give me any sort of refund. I started on a free month trial and canceled last month after my first payment. I got the confirmation email for my cancelation but I was charged anyways this month. I have been communicating with customer service but they simply won’t give me a refund.”

As you can see, cancellation seems to be an issue for some folks. As someone who has been a WW customers, I can tell you that the cancellation process was very easy for me, so I’m not entirely sure what issues people are having.

If you don’ want to get billed after your trial ends, just be sure to cancel before your scheduled billing date, and you should be good to go. Customer support is always a message or phone cal away, so be sure to use them!

myWW Plus Before and After Pictures

You can read all the reviews in the world, but sometimes all it takes is a picture. Check out these amazing weight loss results, from real Weight Watchers members [5]:

jennifer shares her before and after pic

Josh shows off his 65 LB weight loss

Emily shares her weight loss results

Before and After pictures via WeightWatchers.com

Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick look at what we love about the new WW Freestyle program, and some potential cons we’ve identified.


  • Multiple Plans & Pricing Points to Pick From
  • 1:1 Coaching Available
  • Attend In-Person WW Meetings
  • New App is Super Easy to Use
  • SmartPoints Make Weight Loss Easy
  • Learn Healthy Habits You Can Use for Life
  • Connect with Other Community Members via Chat, Video & More
  • Plans Built Around Science
  • 100+ 0 Point Foods with WW Freestyle
  • Learn Healthy Exercise Habits
  • Easy to Use and Follow
  • Plans Most People Can Afford


  • We’ve seen complaints about the cancellation policy (*I didn’t have any issues when cancelling)
  • Some prefer a more done-for-your approach like meal delivery
  • Tracking food with points isn’t for everyone

myWW Price: How Does it Cost per Month?

pricing details for their latest plans

Weight Watchers ranges in price from $3.07 to $12.69 per week, depending on the plan and options you choose.

Here’s a look at all the plans, and the pricing options for each:

  • Digital: $3.07 per Week / $22.95 per Month
  • Workshop: $6.92 per Week
  • Coaching: $12.69 per Week

Right now you can get your first 3 months of the myWW program for just $10 per month – learn more and get the deal here.


myWW (Weight Watchers) is a safe and effective way to improve your health and lose weight. Their new Freestyle program makes things more flexible than ever with more than 100 ZeroPoint foods, that you can eat freely throughout the day.

They have a variety of plans to pick from, and even offer in-person meetings and one-to-one coaching.

Everything takes place through their new and improved app, giving you total control over you myWW journey. If you think WW sounds like the right diet for you, right now is a great time to get started.

The last time we visited their website, you could join for free, get your first month free, and they were throwing in a free starter kit:


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