Calibrate vs Found: New Winner for 2024?

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: December 27, 2023

Research shows that about 45 million Americans go on a diet every year, with people in the US spending $33+ billion annually on weight loss products. Still, two-thirds of the country is overweight or obese.

But why is this?

These numbers certainly prove that the entire diet industry is flawed. There is no crash course or magic pill we can purchase that will guarantee long-lasting sustainable weight loss results. However, we are still grasping at straws, trying everything we find on the off chance that something sticks.

I get it.

And for most of us, there is no trick you won’t try or price you won’t pay to finally feel comfortable in your skin.

Both Found and Calibrate weight loss programs are providing their clients with a fresh, scientific approach to weight loss. They’re also both gaining tremendous popularity. It’s easy to understand why most folks are comparing these two weight loss programs since they bear some similarities. So, how are they different? How can you tell which one is the best option for you and your health goals?

In this article, you’ll discover more about Found versus Calibrate…

You’ll learn everything you need to know about these two companies. It will give you more confidence in moving forward with the weight loss plan that’s most aligned with your specific requirements and that’s going to help you achieve your goals.


Let’s start by going through an overview of each program, outlining the key features that would make anyone want to join each one.

1. Found

two screenshots from Found Weight loss diet app

  • Avg. User Reviews: 4.9 / 5 Rating
  • Unique Value Proposition: Utilizing Your Biology To Identify Hormonal & Genetic Factors That Might Be Contributing To Your Weight Loss
  • Program Includes: Nutrition, Mindful Eating, Movement, Sleep, Community, Stress Management, RX Medication (If Applicable)
  • Cost: RX Monthly Commitment: $149 Per Month
  • RX 3 Month Commitment: $129 Per Month
  • RX 6 Month Commitment: $99 Per Month
  • Wellness Path: $49 Per Month
  • Prescription Medications are Available.
  • Offers Accountability & Personalized Coaching.
  • Program Length: 6 Months To Lose Up To 10% Of Your Body Weight.

2. Calibrate

several screenshots from the Calibrate app

  • Avg. User Reviews: 4.9 / 5 Rating
  • Unique Value Proposition: Year-Long Metabolic Reset That Depends On Your Unique Biology.
  • Program Includes Personal Accountability Coaching, One-On-One Doctor Visits, and FDA-Approved Medication (If Applicable).
  • Cost: $135/Month Or $1,620 One-Time Payment. There’s also a One-Time Metabolic Health Assessment at $249.
  • Prescription Medications are Available.
  • Offers Accountability & Personalized Coaching.
  • Program Length: One-Year Metabolic Reset.


You might be wondering how these weight loss programs use prescription meds to help you achieve your weight loss goals? Is the prescription process easy? And how do they help with weight loss?

Let’s find out.

1. Found

a bottle of found medication turned on its side over purple background

For qualified patients, Found physicians might also prescribe different medications. Some of these meds target your brain’s reward centers to ultimately help curb cravings for particular foods. But how does this work? It is by inhibiting the boost of feel-good hormones from your brain each time you snack.

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Other medications can also be prescribed to shrink your appetite, regulate blood sugar levels, or help you feel more full/ satisfied with meals.

Meeting with your Health Coach is the next step in this Found process. This part is a bit more exciting and is highly personalized. Your assigned Found Coach will put much consideration into your activity levels, cooking style, and lots of other factors to gently guide you into acquiring some new habits that can help you work toward your particular weight goals.

These Found coaches fully customize your plan with regard to your life, career, travel, family, and anything else that may affect your daily routine. Chatting with them is also as casual as texting with your friend since they’re always available (24/7) to check in on your progress.

2. Calibrate

Calibrate provides its members with GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptide-1s). It’s a prescription medication that’s proven to be highly effective when it comes to the treatment of type 2 diabetes – this can also address the underlying biology that’s crucial for weight loss. Such medications imitate the effect of the GLP-1 hormone which is naturally created in the gastrointestinal tract.

Initially, GLP-1s was approved by the FDA in 2005 as an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. However, experts soon discovered that GLP1-s not only improved glucose levels, but they also led to weight loss and other many metabolic health advantages.

Based on your insurance, the following are some examples of the GLP-1s that are often prescribed in the Calibrate program:

  1. Liraglutide (Saxenda®)
  2. Semaglutide (Wegovy™)
  3. Semaglutide (Rybelsus®)
  4. Semaglutide (Ozempic®)
  5. Dulaglutide (Victoza®)
  6. Dulaglutide (Trulicity®)

The GLP-1 hormone produced by our gut usually sends signals to our brains to make us feel full, decrease appetite, and stabilize blood sugar. Several studies show a correlation between folks who hold onto more pounds and overall reductions in GLP-1 signaling. These GLP-1s utilized in Calibrate’s program assist our bodies to prevent natural increases in hunger and appetite that occur as we begin to shed off extra weight. They also work together with other aspects of our metabolic system – our weight’s set point and blood sugar regulation– to keep off weight in the long term.

So, in short: after analyzing your lab work, your health specialist will prescribe you a GLP-1 medication that’s well suited for you. Let’s leave most of the medical discussions for when you actually meet with your doctor.

That said, it’s worth noting that people who start taking GLP-1s may expect to lose 10% (or more) of their weight for the reasons mentioned above. Research shows that when used together with other intensive behavioral lifestyle changes, people can maintain their weight loss long-term.


a woman works with her weight loss coach

Now, let’s look at how each program uses coaching to help you achieve your goals and stay on track. What should you know about coaching?

1. Found Coaching

Found will provide you with a personal health coach for your weight loss journey. The coach will act as a font of knowledge and inspiration during the period of using the program.

That’s right!

Your coach is always there to inspire you. That said, you’re not just getting a “hype man” when you pay for this program.

These Found coaches are always there to help you create positive, sustainable habits/ behavior for making better decisions about what you consume, how much sleep you’re having, how you move, and more.

Although Found doesn’t have a specified timeline for completing the program, it offers some typical benchmarks.

For example, many participants should be prepared to make huge lifestyle changes while achieving the objective of losing 5% of their overall body weight during their first 2-3 months.

Most folks will lose 10% of their total body weight at six months. Between four to six months are all about paying more attention to being consistent as you keep the momentum going without hitting obstacles and plateaus.

Lastly, folks who stick with this program for more than six months will have a maintenance period that lets them go deeper into optimizing their general health now that they’re feeling and looking better than they have in some time.

It can be a crucial stage for sticking with coaching since it’s easy to be lost in the wilderness after attaining your goals.

Additionally, Found provides support that helps set you up for long-term success once you have seen significant changes.

2. Calibrate Coaching

In general, Calibrate does a great job of implementing a “slow and steady” approach when it comes to weight loss. Clients have the entire year to achieve their goals without any kind of pressure to keep up with another person’s pace.

And since this program offers realistic goals for how many pounds you can expect to shed off in monthly intervals, it helps you to set up expectations without making you feel overwhelmed.

You can expect to lose around 10% of your total body weight at six months. Many people tend to lose 5% during the first 3-5 months.

The Calibrate team will never leave you alone in the wild to figure out things on your own.

First, you’ll start an all-inclusive virtual consultation with your Calibrate doctor. Your Calibrate’s medical team will be checking in with you at regular intervals. They will even order new lab work for you to assist you to check your progress through biochemical benchmarks.

What’s more, they are going to see what you like about this program, how you feel, and where you’re facing difficulties to help you have the best level of experience.

The best part is that Calibrate enables you to interact with your medical team via phone, a messaging app, and video chat. The entire experience is much more accessible compared to what people are used to when attempting to consult their regular doctors.

Honestly, your medical team is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the support you’re getting.

Each Calibrate client is designated a coaching team and an accountability coach. The support team will be checking in with you virtually once every fortnight. Your coaching plan will comprise classes, chats, recipes, etc.

Additionally, you’re also receiving a fully customized wellness curriculum that has specifically been put together for you by a team of weight-loss professionals.

Everyone is focusing on ensuring that you’re successfully reaching your goals.


In this section, we’ll compare price ranges for each program. Read on.

1. Found’s Pricing Options

The Found program is usually advertised as being budget-friendly and readily accessible to all. According to their website, the cost begins at $24.75 per week. If you want to try out their Wellness Path Program without the medication, you’ll have to pay $49 per month.

The RX Path Plan has a starting price of $99 per month, which matches up with the original cost of $24.75 per week on their website. That said, the fee might end up exceeding this, based on the kind of medication offered.

To confirm the exact cost for your specific plan, you’d need to go through their initial medical consultation to determine what you’d be prescribed, if anything.

In case you’ve prescribed the RX Path, then you’ll save 50% off your membership by buying a six-month RX plan compared to paying month to month. It’s worth mentioning that the longer you commit to this plan, the larger the savings.

You can only buy the Found program on the company’s website and you can’t get it from any other third parties.

The cost for the Wellness Path is a considerable option for what you’re receiving– a personal coach and texts, a Facebook community, and resources. That said, other plans can give more value for a similar or much lower price point.

The pricing is variable when it comes to the RX Path. Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood that your prescription medications might be at least partially included in your health insurance cover if deemed medically necessary.

2. Calibrate’s Pricing Options

At this point, you’ve already learned that Calibrate is a reliable and effective program that seems to produce great results. Of course, there is only one factor that seems to stand in the way for most people, and this is pricing.

While trying to lose extra pounds without any extra assistance can be challenging, it’s mostly far less expensive compared to signing up for any weight loss program. The unfortunate thing is that services such as Calibrate are quite pricey. And, when you compare Calibrate to similar weight-loss programs, it’s certainly one of the most expensive.

Their One-Year Metabolic Reset begins at $135 per month. Alternatively, you can incur $1,620 upfront for the entire year. The best part is that this cost includes your personalized coaching, Metabolic Health Assessment & Ongoing Medical Care, and the Welcome Kit.

Perhaps you are eligible for this program and you’re looking to lose weight, but you’re still uncertain whether a metabolic reset is what you really need? In such a case, you may consider only having the Metabolic Health Assessment.

The starting price for this Metabolic Health Assessment is $249. A Calibrate specialist will order the labs. Afterward, they will get a telehealth appointment with you to analyze the results.

In case you receive your results and decide that you can gain from Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset, they’ll take the $249 you incurred on the assessment and use it as the fee for their full program.


After reviewing both Found and Calibrate, you can easily acknowledge that these are very similar programs. Their methods are backed by research and science, and this is always very reassuring. Found and Calibrate generally help those who are struggling with being overweight and need more than a kick in their pants to get up and work out more or to simply put down the processed food. These two weight loss programs are excellent options for those with biological and genetic markers and various health conditions that require to be dealt with at the cellular level before long-term weight loss can be attained.

Both programs provide gradual, sustainable weight loss, and promise a 10% drop in total body weight by the 6-month mark. You’ll achieve this through a combination of professional coaching and accountability, prescription medications, and the development of certain healthy habits/ behavior in the realms of food, exercise, and sleep.

You Should Join Found If You Want

  • A customized nutrition path that assists you to determine exactly what you need to be eating.
  • Access to ongoing medical consultations, besides having an initial medical consultation. It’s an important element because weight loss is much connected to our general health and function.
  • A personalized movement path for tailored exercise.
  • A victory tracker!
  • Your personal health coach! Quite frankly, this alone may make membership worthwhile when you consider the cost of hiring one by yourself. You can also call, email, and text your health coach directly!
  • Prescription meds for weight loss. You ought to know what’s behind this medication before making your choice.
  • Access to the company’s exclusive community. This is another crucial feature. Several studies prove that getting support is one of the fundamental elements of creating long-term and significant health habits!

You Should Join Calibrate If You Want

  • No cookie-cutter plans! Typically, your plan depends on your lab work and specific health history.
  • A fully digital plan providing access to life coaches, doctors, a medical advisory board, as well as useful tools/ resources.
  • Access to weight loss prescriptions that are stimulant-free.
  • Science-backed guidance for a metabolic reset.
  • One-on-one coaching.
  • Doctor-supervised weight loss plans.
  • Tools and resources for maintaining weight loss after you achieve your goal.
  • A Yearlong plan that assists you to stay on track with expected benchmarks and results.
  • One of the only weight loss plans of its sort to work with insurance.

Honestly speaking, both programs are remarkable and highly worthy of your money and time. They will provide you with the necessary support to reach your goals.