Is it Wrong to Want Your Partner to Lose Weight?

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: February 9, 2022

Getting your partner to lose weight is a daunting conversion most people don’t want to have. You are going to naturally deviate away from this topic but that is not the right call.

You do have a right to let your partner know when they are harming their health and this is one of those situations.

Here is a look at the reasons to want your partner to lose weight and how to go about doing it the right way. If you follow what is written here, you are going to have a much more successful time getting the message through to your partner.

Reasons to Want Your Partner to Lose Weight

1. Bad For Their Long-Term Health

The main reason comes down to something as simple as their long-term health. Studies show a person that is obese is not going to age well and is going to develop numerous medical issues starting from a young age.

This is what you will want your partner to avoid.

Remember, it is important to let them know it is their long-term health that is the main concern. If you make it seem like they are unattractive to you, this is when the message becomes muddied. Be careful about your approach and get it right the first time.

2. Can Reduce Their Energy Levels

If your partner is overweight, they are going to zap their energy levels. This is going to become a prolonged issue and it will affect everything about their life.

It could be something as simple as going up a flight of stairs during the day. They will be huffing and puffing indicating how bad the situation is.

It is these little things that start to add up making their life much harder than it needs to be.

The reasons include:

  • Takes Away From Their Ability To Do More In Life
  • Harder To Focus

You have to show your partner how this is damaging their life. They can have a better life if they are willing to cut down on the weight.

3. Can Increase Tension in the Relationship

The tension in your relationship can start to rise in a situation such as this. You are not going to want to see your partner in this state and they will not trust you.

This is why it’s important to get the message across in a comfortable manner. Have a free-flowing discussion and make sure they are aware of what is going on. The more you keep it in, the worse it is going to get between the two of you.

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It is important to not let this happen and nip the problem in the bud by sharing your feelings. This is how your partner will realize it is time to lose weight.

4. Can Lead To Projection On To You

This is one people don’t realize is possible.

You can have a situation where a partner has gained a lot of weight and then starts projecting themselves onto you.

This includes their insecurities and/or how they go about leading their lives.

The reasons include:

  • Strains The Relationship
  • Makes Both People Feel Bad and Inadequate

Your goal should be to control this type of behavior because it goes both ways. It is not nice to force someone to diet but it is also bad to start making bad dietary choices for a partner.

This is where you need to make sure your partner is on the same page as you or it will impact your health too.

How To Ask Your Partner To Lose Weight

a husband attempts to have a difficult conversation with his wife

1. Don’t Force a Diet

The biggest mistake people make is to start forcing dietary changes on their partners. This might seem like a good idea but it is not.

The partner is going to be taken aback by the change and will assume you are trying to control their life. This is the wrong impression to give to your partner.

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You have to show you are on their side.

If you force a diet, it becomes the direct opposite of that. You have to be careful and make sure you are taking the time to avoid forcing a diet during the process.

2. Show Your Love and Care During The Talk

When you are taking the time to speak to your partner, it is important to show you love them. This is not the time to insult your partner or look down at them.

Just share your thoughts and make sure they are clear.

The reasons include:

  • Easier To Get Through To Them
  • Shows You Care About Them

Lay down the facts when you are taking the time to discuss your partner’s condition. This is how you’re going to get through to them.

Look at how it impacts their life and why it might impact their long-term health too. You have to go into these details to show why it matters to you.

3. Never Insult Your Partner

You have to take the time to have a reasonable discussion with your partner and not force the issue. This is when things go wrong.

You should not insult your partner or shame them in front of anyone else. The goal is to show you are on their side and want to help them improve their health.

This is what your intention should be.

When you begin to insult someone, they are going to go into a shell. This is a shell that is hard to come out of and it might strain the relationship for a long time.

4. Start With Smaller Changes

It is easy to go head-first into the weight loss process and that is not the right approach to take. You have to realize it is all about the smaller changes in a situation such as this.

You just have to make subtle changes such as only drinking water with meals or going for a 20-minute walk during the day.

The reasons include:

  • Easier To Implement
  • Doesn’t Seem Overwhelming

When your partner starts to make these types of changes, the rest will fall into line too. They will make it a natural habit that comes easily to them.

If you are not doing this, it can become overwhelming instantly.

5. Work With Them

You will have to show them that you are willing to work on dieting with them. This includes helping every step of the way or participating in the diet yourself.

The more you work with them, the easier it is to keep the person accountable.

This will also make their weight loss journey a lot easier to manage. You have to get this message through to your partner as soon as you have the conversation. They need to know you are serious about the process and doing things the right way.

Final Thoughts

These are the details you have to think about when it comes to helping your partner lose weight and getting through to them.

Most people don’t want to let the other person know and that is the wrong mindset to have. You should be open enough to have such a conversation as it is a health issue.

The biggest concern people have comes down to your tone and approach. If you are coming with aggression and forcing a change, this will not be taken lightly. People want autonomy over their bodies and rightly so. All you have to do is show them the way.

This is how you can make it easier for the person to lose weight.