Goli Gummies vs It Works! Slimming Gummies: What’s Better for Weight Loss?

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: May 18, 2021

Unfortunately, worldwide obesity is a global epidemic with worldwide obesity nearly tripling since 1975 [1]. Luckily, many people are taking much more of a vested interest in their health. Weight management is a crucial part of maintaining your health.

This is leading to a surge in the health, nutrition, and supplement industries. More and more companies are coming out with innovative health and weight loss supplements using proven and effective ingredients. There have been numerous studies that show apple cider vinegar can play a critical role in helping with weight loss [2]. This is likely since it can help prevent spikes in blood sugar levels [3]. Thus, if you are looking to improve your health and weight loss efforts, you might be looking to get one of these helpful supplements to aid in your journey.

After all, losing weight isn’t an easy task.

Many people struggle with an inability to lose weight. This is generally why you’ll find so many supplement manufacturers looking to help those jump-start their weight loss efforts. It’s a large and growing industry. This can make it increasingly difficult to sort through the marketing hype to figure out which supplements use proven ingredients and find supplements that will help you achieve your weight-loss objectives.

Two of the brands leading the charge with healthy and scientifically proven ingredients are Goli and It Works! Slimming Gummies. Both of these supplements can work wonders if you’re goal is to lose weight and burn fat.

By the end of this article, you should be able to distinguish which of these quality vitamins can help most on your weight loss journey.

It Works! vs Golo: Key Benefits and Ingredients Compare

1. Goli Gummy Supplements

a bottle of goli gummies for our overview

  • Increase The Efficiency Of Your Metabolism

One of the benefits of getting Goli’s patented formula into your daily diet has to do with the ability to boost your body’s natural metabolism. The ingredients formulated for this supplement work together in synergy to help your body metabolize the nutrients you are taking not only with the supplement but that you are getting into your diet too. This alone can help with a big problem that many run into when they are gaining weight. As you age, your metabolism naturally decreases. Therefore, anything that can improve your metabolism is going to be something that helps you with your weight loss efforts. That’s exactly what this supplement is formulated to do.

  • Support Your Immune System

The ingredients that are found in Goli Gummies help boost your body’s natural immune system. After all, not only do they contain apple cider vinegar, but they also contain organic beetroot, organic pomegranate, and vitamin B9 and B12. All of these things have powerful antioxidants that can ward of cell oxidation and help you stay healthy.

  • Helps With Energy Levels

One of the things that a lot of people notice is they get extremely sluggish and tired after eating a large meal. This has to do with your body’s inefficiencies in digesting the food you are eating. Also, it has to do with the inefficiency in your body’s ability to convert the food you’re eating into usable energy sources. These gummies are specially formulated to help boost the conversion efficiency of your digestive system which will allow your body to gain more usable energy to fuel your body throughout the day.

  • Lose Weight and Block Blood Sugar Spikes

One of the things that apple cider is known to do is help block starch absorption and prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. This is a good thing to do because it can not only result in a higher risk of suffering a stroke, but it can lead to weight gain [4].

2. It Works! Slimming Gummies

a bottle of It Works! Slimming Gummies

  • Lose Weight

One of the things this supplement is targeted for is weight loss. It includes Blood Orange extract with MOROSIL which is clinically proven to help shrink your waist by inches. This supplement has been shown to inhibit fat accumulation [5].

  • Vegan Formula

This supplement is vegan-friendly. You won’t have to worry about any added ingredients that you don’t want. It is also a stimulant-free formula that won’t keep you up at night.

  • Shrinks Fat Calls

The supplement contains ingredients that can help target those stubborn fat cells that are causing bloating and other issues. With these gummies, you’ll be able to melt your fat away. If you have stubborn belly fat, you’re likely looking to get rid of it. Losing weight isn’t easy and losing stubborn belly fat is even more difficult.

Taste and Texture Compare

1. Goli Taste and Texture

One of the biggest problems with incorporating apple cider vinegar into your diet is the strong and unpleasant taste. This is generally why a lot of people will opt for some type of gummies vitamin like this one. Goli tastes incredible. It includes 1 gram of sugar which helps with providing a sweeter and more pleasurable taste. It’s a supplement that makes you look forward to taking it rather than one you have to force yourself to take. It tastes and has the texture of real fruit gummies and it tastes much like a fresh apple.

2. It Works! Slimming Gummies Taste and Texture

The It Works! Slimming Gummies have a good taste to them, as well. They have the traditional gummy texture and 1 gram of natural sugar which makes them have a pleasant taste that you’ll appreciate.

Price Compare: Is Goli or It Works Cheaper?

Reported Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Key Ingredient in Both Gummies)

  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels

As mentioned previously, apple cider vinegar is something that can lower blood sugar levels in both healthy people and those that suffer from diabetes. This is a big benefit because over 34.2 million Americans have some type of diabetes [6]. Therefore, the primary ingredient found in these supplements can put you in a good position to limit the blood spikes that could be causing excess fat storage throughout your body.

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  • Lose Weight

There have been plenty of studies that showcase the efficacy of apple cider vinegar in helping people lose weight successfully. Apple cider vinegar is an effective addition to a healthy weight loss regimen because it helps increase feelings of fullness which is a major problem for many. A lot of people fail to lose their desired weight because they never feel full enough. If you are someone that has a lot of trouble with overeating, adding apple cider vinegar to your diet might just do the trick. Studies have shown that adding apple cider vinegar to your diet while intaking high carbohydrate meals can increase your level of fullness after the meal [7]. Therefore, taking an apple cider supplement can lead to you consuming fewer calories and carbohydrates that can directly lead to weight loss.

  • Heart Health

Another major benefit that can be gained from apple cider vinegar is improvements in your heart health. This is a big one as well because heart disease happens to be one of the leading causes of death [8]. Therefore, anything you can do to improve your heart health should be done. Apple cider vinegar can do wonders for your heart health by limiting inflammation of your heart and more.

Summary: Final Tips for Picking the Best Diet Gummy for You

Both of these supplements offer a lot. They are both Non-GMO and Vegan. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the use of animal by-products or anything like that in nature. They are also Keto-friendly and contain the same number of sugars.

They both taste very good and they have a similar texture to any gummy you would find on a grocery store shelf. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with choosing either to add to your diet. The biggest differentiating factor is Goli is a specially designed apple cider vinegar formulated supplement.

Whereas, It Works! has a variety of different supplements that you can choose from. The Slimming Gummies are only one of their offerings. They also both offer 30-day money-back guarantees that you can count on.

That way, you can try them out and see whether or not they give you the benefits you’re looking for.

You Should Pick Goli If…

  • You want to save money. Goli Gummies are going to be cheaper over the long run.
  • You want a supplement manufactured in an FDA-registered facility
  • You want to stock up as they offer significant quantity discounts if you are willing to purchase more
  • You want vitamin B9 and B12 included for energy
  • You want a more comprehensive supplement that helps you lose weight and support a naturally healthy immune system

You Should Pick It Works! If…

  • You want a supplement that uses clinically proven ingredients like MOROSIL.
  • You want to use additional fat-burning supplements proven to work with it like ThermoFight X
  • You want even more supplements to choose from. It Works! has a lot of supplements that work synergistically
  • You want a supplement that uses chicory root inulin
  • You want strictly weight loss benefits


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