Benefits of Calorie Controlled Meal Delivery

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Written by Megan Ayala. Last Updated: February 23, 2022

We’re no strangers to the idea of wanting to lose weight. Especially as winter comes to an end and beach season is just around the corner. But losing weight isn’t easy. It never will be. Even if we manage to exercise every day that’s only half of the battle.

The other half of the battle is eating healthy meals. In many ways, healthy eating can be even more difficult than exercising. We have to take the time to research food options, consider our calorie intake/expenditure, and then actually stick to the foods we know are healthy. The whole plan starts to fall apart the moment we cave in and visit McDonald’s.

It’s just so convenient to eat unhealthy junk food while preparing healthy meals takes a lot of extra work. But many of us have it easier than our parents or grandparents did. Why? Because we have access to dozens of different calorie-controlled meal delivery services.

Healthy meal delivery services make it much easier to stick to a diet and lose unwanted pounds. They take the guesswork out of choosing ingredients, measuring portions, and cooking meals. Anyone who has had trouble sticking with a diet in the past should seriously consider investing in a calorie-controlled meal delivery service.

Here are a handful of the benefits they provide.

Top 8 Benefits of Using Portion Controlled Meal Delivery Services

three premade portion controlled meals

1. No More Research Or Guesswork

Is a bowl of pasta going to put you over your daily calorie limit? Is there a difference between normal pasta and whole grain pasta? How many potatoes are too many? Should you avoid cheese or is it okay to have a little on your salad? These are all questions you’ll find yourself asking when trying to manage your own diet. And they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

Creating your own diet and sticking with it requires a lot of time spent researching. You need to know exactly how many calories are in the serving size of each ingredient. Then you need to keep track of each ingredient you use and how much of it you use. It’s no wonder that many people give up on their diets after only just beginning.

With a calorie-controlled meal delivery service, there’s an entire team of experts doing this research for you. Most of these services carefully catalog all of their different ingredients and know exactly how much of everything is in each meal. You don’t need to waste hours researching every item and second-guessing your choices.

Why not just let a nutrition expert do the hard work for you? They prepare each meal with a certain calorie goal in mind. Each dish is crafted with the ideal nutritional balance to help you reach your goals. As a bonus, it means less stress on you to decide. Eliminating unnecessary stress is always good for your health.

2. Stay Satiated And Satisfied

If you’ve ever eaten fast food, then you know just how fleeting the feeling can be. Scarfing down a double hamburger might make you full for a moment, but that feeling isn’t going to last. The types of heavily processed foods that you find at fast-food restaurants aren’t designed to satisfy long-term hunger. They are designed to be cheap and easy to use.

Compare that feeling to the last time you ate a home-cooked meal. Especially if that home-cooked meal contained a healthy balance of nutrients and vitamins. With enough starch, leafy greens, and grains to get you full and keep you full.

When you eat with healthy ingredients, especially those high in fiber, you will stay full for longer. That means you’re less likely to sneak into the pantry later for a snack. You’ll find that it’s much easier to stick with your diet, avoid cheating, and ultimately lose weight.

3. Perfect Serving Sizes

Knowing which ingredients are best to use is only a part of the battle when it comes to dieting. Eating healthy foods won’t help you if your serving sizes are two or three times the recommended amount. Properly controlling servings is one of the biggest obstacles that people face when starting a new diet.

Once again, you can take all of this work off of your shoulders and let the experts handle it. Calorie-controlled meal delivery plans include perfectly tailored serving sizes. In most cases, the website will gather some information about you and use that information to control the serving sizes. Factors like your sex, age, and weight loss goals will help them properly portion your meals.

4. Add Some Variety To Your Meals

Chances are, you find yourself eating a lot of the same meals on a somewhat regular basis. Even people who cook for themselves eventually get into a routine with a handful of different meals. Some things are quick and easy to make, which means that you’ll be having them even more often.

But eating the same foods over and over can become boring fairly quickly. People who are bored with their meals are less likely to stick to a healthy diet. Instead, they’ll break down and decide to order something from the new Chinese restaurant down the street.

This isn’t a problem when you use a meal delivery service with a large catalog. These companies have teams of people dedicated to crafting new and unique meals regularly. You might find yourself eating foods that you haven’t eaten in decades, or possibly ever. You’re far more likely to try a large variety of dishes and less likely to get bored with your food.

5. Spend More Time On Important Things

If you have experience cooking, then you know just how time-consuming meal prep can be. Don’t be fooled by those recipes that say “5 minute prep time”. Even making a sandwich takes longer than five minutes. You have to spend time cleaning dishes, cutting vegetables, marinating meats, and the list goes on.

Granted, meal delivery services aren’t going to do all of the work for you. You’ll still have to clean your own dishes and preheat your oven. But it does save you a considerable amount of time. It could easily add up to several hours over a week.

That’s several hours that you can spend on the things you enjoy. Maybe there’s a new book you’ve been wanting to read. Or maybe you can use this added time to focus on your exercise routine. Whatever you decide is up to you. No matter what, it’ll be better than spending hours on meal prep.

6. Quality Ingredients From A Quality Source

Where an ingredient comes from can be just as important as what nutrients are inside of it. Do you know where the meats and vegetables at your local grocery store come from? Most people don’t. They could come from respectable, organic farms where people pick them and clean them with care. Or they could come from the cheapest distributor the store could make a deal with. It’s a big gamble.

Most calorie-controlled meal delivery services are happy to share their biggest sources. They want customers to know that they buy their quality ingredients from quality suppliers. Of course, not all meal delivery services are created equal. This is something you will need to research beforehand to be entirely sure.

7. Specialized Meal Plans

It’s hard enough for the average person to build a healthy meal plan. What if you suffer from a medical condition like diabetes? Or what if you need to keep your sodium low and your blood pressure under control? Or what if you want to follow a specific diet like a keto diet? These are all restrictions that make managing your own meal plan even more difficult.

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Luckily, meal delivery services tend to offer a lot of variety when it comes to their specialized plans. Not all delivery services cater to all dietary restrictions. You might need to shop around a bit to find a service with a paleo or vegan meal plan that you actually like. But once you do you know you’ll have personalized meals every night that caters to your specific needs.

8. Tools To Track Your Progress

Long gone are the days when we had to track every calorie consumed in a notebook. We can use our smartphones to track just about everything related to our fitness. We can even use fitness trackers to determine how many calories we burn throughout the day.

Most calorie-controlled meal delivery services have some kind of app or website where you can track this information.

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You can keep a detailed record of the foods you eat and the exercise you perform. This makes it much easier to stick to your diet and avoid costly mistakes. It also makes it easier to track your progress over time and determine if a specific meal plan is working.

Wondering what a meal delivery service might look like should you decide to sign up? Here’s a look at one program so you can get an idea of what to expect:

Summary: A Smart And Healthy Investment For Everyone

There’s no need to constantly second guess your eating habits. Calorie-controlled meal delivery plans make it easier than ever to stick to a diet and lose weight. The only work involved is taking the time to research the brands and choose a meal plan that you really like. And if that meal plan doesn’t work out, then you cancel your subscription and try out the competition.