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comparing noom to modern fit

Weight loss is a goal many people set for themselves, but it’s not always as easy as you want it to be. This means mistakes are made, the wrong programs are selected, and weight loss becomes a moving target that’s impossible to hit.

This is why a lot of people are now looking for structured programs that are ideal for their lifestyle.

Apps such as Modern Fit and Noom have become popular in recent years and are a go-to option for thousands of people around the world.

This comparison is going to take a look at which one is best for your needs.

Features Comparison: How Noom and Modern Fit Work

1. Noom Features Overview

noom features overview

  • Daily Fitness Activities

It starts with an ongoing round of daily fitness activities that are accessible through Noom’s app. Take the time to read through these workouts, learn how to effects you, and why it’s a must for your program.

It’s this attention to detail and ongoing updates that show Noom means business with its weight loss program.

The trainer takes the time to personalize everything and that is a plus for those who want something effective and easy to follow.

  • Large Community

There is a community of 45 million accessible around the clock through Noom. As soon as a user signs up, they are going to gain access to this community of customers too.

The community is not only active but helpful too as the members provide advice to each other along with motivation.

  • Personalized Calorie Breakdown

Noom focuses on personalization and that is seen right away with the personalized calorie breakdown process. The specialist will go through each detail and tailor it based on what is going to work well for your long-term weight loss requirements.

2. Modern Fit Features Overview

  • Workout App

It starts with the workout app as that is designed on the shoulders of building quality workout routines.

The personalization of the workout app is what makes it stand out and that’s the first access point a customer is going to have once they sign up.

When it comes to getting stronger, fitter, and healthier, Modern Fit does a wonderful job of focusing on building well-rounded programs.

This is essential for those who want to make sure they are seeing progress and developing the way they want to.

  • Tailored Programs

A specialist will go through your stats and requirements before coming up with a tailored program. These programs are tailored for both your fitness and weight loss needs.

The benefits include:

  • Complete customization
  • Ideal for strength gains
  • Fun and unique

Being able to go through these programs is a lot of fun and that’s what users talk about when they hop onto the app.

The programs are fully tailored to meet your long-term needs and help with strength gains too.

  • Access to Trainer

You are going to gain access to a well-trained trainer as soon as you sign up. This trainer is going to go through a little questionnaire that is filled out in the beginning.

Once the answers come in, you can move forward and receive a quality customized program. This includes what you are going to eat and what you are going to do in the gym when it’s time to work out.

It’s these little details that stand out with Modern Fit.

Customer Testimonial Comparison: What Are Real Customers Saying?

Noom Customer Feedback

  • Tremendous Coaching Setup

Customers often talk about the coaching when it comes to Noom because that’s what stands out. Some of the finest weight loss specialists in the world are on this app and will go through each detail to make sure customers are content.

  •  World-Class App

It’s the app that is going to win people over and it’s what’s mentioned by customers. Being able to use a seamless, well-designed app goes a long way in making the journey easier.

The benefits include:

  • Seamless Use
  • Ideal for Different Devices
  • Great to Use While Working Out

The app is a major plus point and it’s something all customers talk about when going through the weight loss program with Noom.

  • Great Community

With 45 million users and counting on the community board, this is about as good as it gets in the world of weight loss programs right now.

Customers will often talk about reaching out to others and learning what it takes to see results. This is well-integrated into the setup and is a wonderful benefit to have at times.

Read more Noom testimonials at their website.

2. Modern Fit Customer Feedback

  • Robust Workout Programs

The workout programs are exceptional and that’s one of the highlights for Modern Fit. The team behind the programs understands what it takes to sweat things out and push through. This is essential for those who want to burn calories and continue to shed weight.

The programs are tailored to your needs and will offer tremendous insight into what works for your body type.

  • Ideal for Beginners

The program is ideal for beginners and that’s something they have focused on every step of the way. Whether it’s the personalized workout programs, app, or ongoing assistance, this is a setup that is great for those getting started.

The benefits include:

  • User-friendly application
  • Easy to set up
  • Seamless integration into your lifestyle

For those who are going to be working out, you will enjoy being able to open the workout app and start pushing through a list of targeted exercises.

  • Lacks Dietary Focus

While the trainer is going to tailor the dietary program, it’s still not the same as other alternatives in the market right now.

The dietary programs are limited, offer minimal value, and don’t work as well as the workout programs offered by Modern Fit.

Noom’s App and Coaching vs Modern Fit’s Fitness-Based Approach

Noom Approach to Weight Loss

The benefits include:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Emphasis on Teaching Through Verified Lessons
  • Easy to Set Weight Loss Goals
  • All-Encompassing App

Modern Fit Approach to Weight Loss

The benefits include:

  • Complete Workout Programs
  • Unique Mix of Cardio-Heavy Workouts
  • Ideal for All Levels
  • Will Engage the Body and Burn Calories

Price Comparison: Which is Cheaper?

Noom Pricing Options

  • Monthly plan – $59
  • 2 month plan – $99
  • 3 month plan – $129
  • 4 month plan – $139
  • 5 month plan – $149
  • 6 month plan – $159
  • 7 month plan – $169
  • 8 month plan – $179
  • Annual plan – $199

Modern Fit Pricing Options

  • Monthly Plan – $20
  • 3 Month Plan – $55
  • Annual Plan – $120

The pricing layout is structured in a way where Modern Fit is slightly more affordable, but it also offers less in terms of quality. This is something that has to be kept in mind for those wanting to maximize their performance and weight loss journey.

Summary: Deciding the Right Program for You

Modern Fit and Noom are enticing options for those looking to find a world-class program. However, it’s essential to understand Noom is the one that stands out. It’s fun, provides world-class coaching, a great community, and a user-friendly app.

If the goal is to look and feel better with a structured program than Noom is the way to go. This is a program that offers everything an individual is going to need to set the foundation for physical development.

Losing weight is all about the finer details and Noom is the one that stands out.

Put this app to the test and watch as it improves every facet of your life in a matter of months.

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